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Providing premium remodeling services for the discerning Sedona homeowner since 2002.

Our story at Dez-Dal Remodeling began in 2001 whenever Randy Hoogs and his family decided to move to Sedona, Arizona. Throughout the years Randy had worked in the automotive industry installing window tint and other accessories, laying all kinds of flooring, and helping renovate flip homes for his in-laws. It’s no secret that Randy enjoys working with his hands to build and create things, but there’s two things that he learned about himself over the years; he is very detailed in his work and he has an eye for design. Randy has the ability to look at a space and visualize all the possibilities and potential it has.

Fast forward to when he and his family moved to Sedona, Randy felt like this was the perfect opportunity for him to start his own home remodeling business in a new city with people who can appreciate his vision for design, his high quality of work and attention to detail. Randy has now been serving homeowners in Sedona for two decades with home remodeling and design services built on years of passion and detailed craftsmanship.

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We all have our own story in how we got here, but the thing we have in common is our love for designing and remodeling homes for Sedona homeowners. It’s our passion to make someone’s vision a reality.

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