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A space where you begin and wind down every day of your life — let’s design and build the bathroom oasis of your dreams.

Stylish & modern bathroom remodeling

Bathrooms are essential parts of every home that often get overlooked. It’s where you begin and end every day and having a bathroom that not only makes you feel good every day, but fits your lifestyle and family’s needs can make a huge difference. You deserve a space that is functional, beautiful and welcoming.

We know that remodeling a bathroom is not always the most fun home remodeling project to take on, but updating or even adding on new bathrooms can help increase the value of your home. Therefore, we promise to work with you to design and remodel your bathroom that you love to spend time in.


Discover our unique design-remodel process for a truly elevated remodeling experience.

Every new bathroom remodel starts with a great design. Our team at Dez-Dal offers complete, in-house design-remodel services. We take each client from concept to completion through our thought out step-by-step process and we guarantee to bring your vision to life with intention and craftsmanship. 

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At Dez-Dal, we understand that the heart of a home lies in its details, and our commitment to quality is mirrored in our partnership with Heartwood Designs, a Sedona-based manufacturer of fine cabinetry. Together, we bring you not just cabinets but meticulous craftsmanship, innovative design, and enduring quality that resonate with our vision of creating homes that stand the test of time. Elevate your remodel with cabinetry that mirrors our commitment to uncompromising quality.

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